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Driving licence in English

English lessons

At Ascot Driving School, we offer driving licence at a very competitive price, this includes driving license for all categories.
We have composed some powerful package prices with very favorable prices for a driving licence, which are attractive for those who need to take driving licence, whether it's for a passenger car, taxi or perhaps recovery of a lost driving licence.

Best price for a driving licence and a high quality product

We offer both theory and driving lessons in English as well as taking driving test in English.
With theory lessons you will get a theory book in English.

Prices for a driving license at Ascot Driving School are among the best and with us you can easily get high quality teaching, even though you get a licence at a favorable price.

Our driving instructors have years of experience and teaching naturally follows all legal requirements, so you along with the licence will get the skills needed to be a good driver.

Get your driving licence at Ascot Driving School - The price is the same whether lessons are in Danish or in English!

Prices for a driving licence at Ascot driving school